Hi, I’m Katie!

I am a Seattle area artist specializing in patterned paintings and linocut prints inspired by the natural world.

I enjoyed drawing and painting in school, but set creative pursuits aside for what I considered to be more "practical" things. After years of striving and climbing, I returned to art at a time when I was feeling very lost and quietly wondering…isn’t there something more?

During that time, I was able to take an amazing trip to South America, where the pull of nature and the spirit was very strong. It was there I felt called to the creative world of art again. Upon returning home, I got some acrylic paints and signed up for my first abstract painting class. After that a new world opened up!

"Through painting I feel a connection to something bigger than myself. With creativity there are endless possibilities! We all want to feel connected with the natural world, and experience little moments of joy throughout the day."

Art process of Katie Weaver, Acrylic painter from Seattle

My process

I am drawn to acrylic painting because you can create so many layers. It’s like telling a story. Since the paint dries quickly, you can experiment with shapes and colors on top of one another. You can also change directions or restart any time, which is so liberating for a recovering perfectionist like me! I love the freedom and positive energy of bringing together shapes and color inspired by the natural world. 

Some of my paintings are in pairs...

I often start one and as I’m creating, I decide a second one would be a nice companion. The funny thing is, the second one often goes in a different direction. It starts with the same shapes and colors, but then develops its own personality.

I liken this to identical twins (I know this because I am one!) I share the same genes as my sister (and we look quite a bit alike) yet we also have different interests and jobs, and currently live on opposite sides of the U.S. Yet we always share a bond. So that’s how it is with these paintings. They can be purchased as a duo, or on their own, which ever suits you best!