Katie Weaver Art

I am a Seattle area artist specializing in lively abstract paintings inspired by the natural world.
I love to recreate the abundant beauty of the outdoors in my colorful patterned paintings and accessories.

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Paintings and Prints by Katie Weaver, Artist from Seattle. Her Art is inspired by anthropology and nature.

The tribal feel...

The patterns in this painting have a bit of a tribal feel, influenced by my college days studying anthropology. Flowers, leaf prints, and circular shapes remind us of our connection to the earth and one another.

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Photo of artist Katie Weaver from Seattle. Acrylic paintings and prints are for sale.

Hi, I'm Katie!

After an amazing bit of travel, I was inspired to take up painting and have never looked back!

I use lots of colors and patterns to express the hope and energy that is part of all living things.

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